Sunday, February 16, 2014

Security, Privacy, Freedom & Big Brother…

Security, Privacy, Freedom & Big Brother…
Remember how invaded we used to feel when our siblings or parents were caught reading our personal journals? Now that our “Diary’s” have moved off the page and onto the screen we have more to worry about than just a personal invasion. 

In the past, a quick rip and crumple could remove our hurt words, our inner thoughts or the angry feelings that were scribbled down in haste.  Once put to flame or inked out, the words were gone forever. It was almost a cathartic event to vent out ramblings in this fashion. However, in this day and age, the equivalent to a Journal is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., the main difference is… there are no take backs. Once it is posted it is there for life. Just like an elephant, the internet never forgets!

You may think that is bad enough, however it sadly gets worse. There is no such thing as Security, Privacy or Freedom of Speech when it comes to posts online…. Since your ‘opinion’ has a broader reach and bigger impact because of followers, friends and subscribers.  Without digging to deep I found several examples of information being turned over to companies and government, for slander lawsuits,  data mining, character profiling and much more: 

Alberta Court of Queen's Bench and the British Columbia Supreme Court granted orders authorizing a search….. “Court orders allowing access the records of multiple companies including Stockhouse Publishing Ltd. ("Stockhouse") and internet service providers such as Shaw Communications Inc. ("Shaw"), Telus, Bell, and Rogers which disclose detailed information about the entities behind the fictitious aliases posting on the Bullboards.

The court also ordered Google, Microsoft (Hotmail), Yahoo, Shaw, Telus, and others to preserve the contents and subscriber information of dozens of email accounts used by the Conspiring Defendants, so as to prevent any of the Defendants from tampering with or destroying evidence.” Quote
“Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimetres inside your skull. ” ― George Orwell, 1984

Do you think that you have privacy if you post from your cell phone? Sorry to disappoint you, this video from the creator of McAfee Antivirus, John McAfee shares some scary information about how some popular games and applications  have permission to turn on your camera, take pictures, video and listen to conversations…. because you did not read the disclaimer, YOU gave them permission to do so!

What can be done?
What do you think about this?
What can WE do?

Please post comments below…. Share and tweet about this, lets figure this out together!

Thank you for your sharing.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How to Connect Social Accounts to your Facebook Page

Just doing some long needed house keeping on one of my Facebook Pages .... so, I was playing around on my " Marcia Johnson" fan page and I connected my Pinterest Account and my Instagram account so it is all linked together so you don't even have to leave Facebook to see what I am sharing. Check it out by clicking my name above. 
Why would you want to do this?  To expand your network audience! To share more and so easily with your Facebook Followers.

Here is what it looks like now from my Admin perspective: 

So now when people click on the Pinterest tab picture they are directed to my on Pinterest account so they can follow posts there as well. Same as on Instagram, Twitter or my Blog. 

What to know how? I am here to serve so here are some easy follow steps to take.
  1. First: know your account Name for the link that you want to add. (I have a couple account names because of availability so it really is not just about me forgetting my own
  2. Second: Click this link: It will bring you to a page that looks like this.
3. Third: From there you pick the app that you would like to add to your Facebook page.

This easy-to-use app (no authentication required) corrals all of Instagram’s/ Pinterest/ Twitter etc.  best features to create an intuitive photo-browsing experience. Showcase full-size photos, pick up Facebook Likes and comments, utilize ‘Load More’ functionality, and quickly and easily share your photos with friends & fans."
4.Fourth: Pick the page that you want to add the app to.


5. Fifth: Pick the location where you want your app to sit . Click the little pencil right on the app you just added. From there you can swap locations with other apps you have on your page.

 6. Overview: Here is what the finished page will look like... but with your pictures though. 

I just wanted to say, Thanks for reading my Blog if you found it helpful feel free to share your new wisdom and follow this blog for more great helpful information! 

Marcia Johnson on Twitter 
Marcia Johnson on Pinterest 

As per Facebook the Benefits of the Instagram Tab for Facebook:
  • Facebook Like and comment ability on each photo
  •  Full-size photo view and navigation
  • Link to the user account on each photo
  • Three unique photo view modes
  • Fast load times and simple layout
  • "Load More" functionality
  • Access to Instagram’s popular photo feed
  • "Share this photo" ability
  • Instagram hashtag search functionality
  • No authentication needed
  • 200,000 monthly active users (as of July 2013)
As per Facebook Benefits of the Pinterest Tab for Facebook
  • Nine attractive view modes, including all pins, user pins, boards, search, and more
  • Prominent ‘Follow’ link leading to Pinterest account
  • Simple repin + like buttons
  • Native app – not just an IFrame like many other Pinterest apps on Facebook
  • Custom API allows for seamless fetching, storage and cache of Pinterest content
  • 39,000 monthly active users (as of July 2013)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A New Perspective on the Cost of WAR

A New Perspective on Cost of War .. Click link to view source of information.
United States, Britain and the UN-Member nations all went into Afghanistan and Iraq to help save the world. This is how much it cost them to "Ensure safety for the World".
One Hundred Dollars
$100 - Most counterfeited money denomination in the world.
Keeps the world moving.
Ten Thousand Dollars
$10,000 - Enough for a great vacation or to buy a used car.
Approximately one year of work for the average human on earth.

One Million Dollars
$1,000,000 - Not as big of a pile as you thought, huh?
Still this is 92 years of work for the average human on earth.
€1 Million Euro
One Hundred Million Dollars
$100,000,000 - Plenty to go around for everyone.
Fits nicely on an ISO / Military standard sized pallet.
€100 Million Euro

$100 Million Dollars = 1 year of work for 3500 average Americans
It takes 3500 Americans 1 year of work to make $100 Million dollars. The 155 million Americans who worked with earnings in 2005 on average made $28,567 / year.

In front of the 3500 people is the $100 Million pallet that they all have to work for 1 year to earn.
Look carefully to see a stack of $1 Million and the 35 average Americans required to earn that $1 Million in 1 year. - $100,000,000 - One Hundred Million Dollars

Dead American Soldier
Dead British Soldier
Dead Coalition
2 Billion Dollars & Caskets
A military truck with $2 Billion dollars and fallen soldiers of countries that participated in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars since 2001.

Iraq Deaths

139 Deaths
Afghanistan Deaths

594 Deaths
UN Countries' Deaths
Deaths of soldiers from countries that are members of the United Nations and participated in the Iraq & Afghanistan wars.

This includes soldiers from Australia (2 deaths), Azerbaijan (1), Bulgaria (13), Czech Republic (1), Denmark (7), El Salvador (5), Estonia (2), Fiji (1), Georgia (5), Hungary (1), Italy (33), Kazakhstan (1), Latvia (3), Netherlands (2), Poland (23), Romania (3), Slovakia (4), South Korea (1), Spain (11), Thailand (2), Ukraine (18), Canada (158).
The monetary cost has not been calculated. $2 billion truck is for comparison.

"If the United Nations once admits that international disputes can be settled by using force, then we will have destroyed the foundation of the organization and our best hope of establishing a world order."
- Dwight D. Eisenhower (WWII General & President of USA)

British Deaths & War Costs
Deaths of soldiers from the United Kingdom & money spent on war.

"If the human race wishes to have a prolonged and indefinite period of material prosperity, they have only got to behave in a peaceful and helpful way toward one another." - Winston Churchill

As of June, 2010 UK estimates £18 Billion ($31.5B USD) has been spent on wars in Afghanistan & Iraq. The trucks show the money UK spent on wars in Iraq & Afghanistan. Source: The Telegraph
Afghanistan Deaths

397 Deaths
Iraq Deaths -179 Deaths

USA's Deaths & War Costs
Not sure what was meant when Obama said: "Mission Accomplished". This is not it.

With more then 5x the size of military power of all world's countries combined,
USA has no problem showing its military power.

The trucks show the Iraq & Afghanistan war budget in fiscal year 2012.
The total bill of Iraq war is estimated around $4 Trillion USD ($4 million millions dollars).

US Government has authorized 1.38 Trillion USD through 2012 for War Budget for Iraq & Afghanistan.

The real cost of war is much higher, with ~2.6 Trillion estimated additional expenses, including health care for wounded, etc. That is illustrated by the 2x $1.3 Trillion dollars towers.
There are a also 14342 wounded soldiers, but the wheel-chairs are not shown.
Note the full-size American Football field on the right & the small truck on the right by cash tower.
Deaths 4484 Soldiers
2012 Cost $10.1 Billion USD
Total Cost $807.4 Billion USD
Deaths 1893 Soldiers
2012 Cost $111.1 Billion USD
Total Cost $570.9 Billion USD

Post War Cost
2x $1.3 Trillion USD towers.
This is post-war costs
estimated by economists.

Iraq War Cost   Afghanistan War Cost
"The problem in defense is how far you can go without destroying from within what you are trying to defend from without."
- Dwight D. Eisenhower (WWII General & President of USA)

Note: The real cost of war is much higher than shown above, as this is only US, UK & UN nation expenses, and does not reflect the total death toll released by WikiLeaks at 109,032 deaths in Iraq alone (most Iraqi, Afghan civilian, insurgent or Iraqi military), the cost of destruction, emotional toll, wounded people, etc...

Sources: (1), (2), Huffington Post,

Monday, October 22, 2012

How to Follow a Facebook List

If someone you know creates a public list, you can follow that list of Facebook pages and people who share information. It will show up as a news feed of all of the list members who are included on the list. Once you click "follow list" you can find it easily on the left hand side of your home screen on Facebook. Scroll down to find the Tab that says, "Interests."  All of the lists that you are following will show up there. Simply click the name of the list that you would like to see.

Follow the Elk Valley List here:

A couple of lists that you may find interesting are:
How to Social Media
Beyond the Secret
Elk Valley BC
11:11 Awakening Community
Peace In OUR Lifetime
Daily Inspiration 

You can also add public lists to your Interest list by searching topics here:
If you have any Social Media related questions, feel free to ask them here:
I will get back to you!

I hope this helps make your Social Media experience a little more fun!

No matter where on earth she is, Marcia is not very far away and is always happy to help, so feel free to connect with her online.
Here are just some of her links.
Apex Power & Automation Ltd.
Peace in OUR Lifetime
Twitter: @Marciajk
Facebook: Marcia Johnson
Radio Show:

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Social Media for Business

Social Media for Business
Just encase you were not able to make it out to the Small Business Week, we wanted to share some information from the Social Media presentation by the Valley’s own Marcia Johnson. Marcia is co-Owner of Apex Power & Automation and co-Founder of Peace in OUR Lifetime. She is a social media maven who has built over 30 pages and groups online and has global conversations on her radio show with Bullion Bankers, Authors, and Leaders in Social change.  She shared with us how she was able to share Global concerts for peace on over 2000 websites including the United Nations website every year on Peace day.  She also gave us great information to help all of offer value to our customers and staff through a social media marketing plan.

  • ·       Build a business page. If you do not currently have a Facebook page for your business she suggests building one, it is a great and free way to share, inspire and communicate with current and potential customers and clients. Don’t be intimidated because it is very simple and step by step process. It is like taking baby steps, you just have to take the first one here:

  • ·       Create a URL for your business page. If you're an admin of your Facebook Page, you'll be able to choose a username for it at:  You can choose a username for each eligible Page you manage.

  • ·       Facebook Buttons: Integrate Facebook connect buttons into your company website. Website visitors can easily connect to Facebook with the click of a button.

  • ·       Add Value: Share information about products & services, but don’t spam. Insert an interesting data point into a visual. Find Cartoons about your industry. Take behind the scenes pictures of staff, customers and office happenings. Share videos, like case studies, interviews and quick tips & how-to content. Answer Questions (either posted or FYI)

  • ·       Posting Tip: When posting information on Facebook & Twitter, add a statement describing the link that you post so that when it shows up on the Newsfeed, it will encourage more people to take action and click the link! On Twitter it simply shows up as a URL, so why would anyone click on it?

Once you have your Page set up and you start adding content and information invite people to “Like” your page. You are invited to share it on the Elk Valley BC page as long as you add a descriptive comment letting people know what your business is about, what you do, who you are and why you are inviting people to check out your page. Just adding a link is the online equivalent of walking up to a total stranger and trying to French kiss them. If you would not do that in real life, don’t do it online by just posting a URL to your website on everyone’s page; that is Spam and just as unwanted!
ou can find out more great information about Social Media on another one of Marcia’s pages: If you have any questions about how to start or what to do, post your question there, she will get back to you!

No matter where on earth she is, Marcia is not very far away and is always happy to help, so feel free to connect with her online. Here are just some of her links.
Apex Power & Automation Ltd.
Peace in OUR Lifetime
Twitter: @Marciajk
Facebook: Marcia Johnson

This video has some GREAT tips that will provide YOU some do-able things that will make a huge difference to your social media traffic! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Facebook comes up with yet another great way to Share YOUr Story...

Here is Mark explaining more about it:

 For more Great information like this I invite YOU to Join Social Media How to on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter!
Create an Amazing Day! 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Where are all YOUR Facebook Friends ?


Watch Video to See How :

Have you noticed that you are only seeing updates in your newsfeed from the same people lately? Have you also noticed that when you post things like status messages, photos and links, the same circle of people are commenting and everyone else seems to be ignoring you?

Don't worry, everyone still loves you and nobody has intentionally blocked you. The problem is that a large chunk of your friend/fan list can't see anything you post and here's why:

The "New Facebook" has a newsfeed setting that by default is automatically set to show ONLY posts from people who you've recently interacted with or interacted the most with (which would be limited to the couple of weeks just before people started switching to the new profile). So in other words, for both business and personal pages, unless your friends/fans commented on one of your posts within those few weeks or vice versa - you are now invisible to them and they are invisible to you!!

HERE'S THE FIX: On the homepage click the "Most Recent" title on the right of the Newsfeed, then click on the drop down arrow beside it and select "Edit Options", click on "Show Posts From" and change the setting to "All Of Your Friends and Pages" (you can also access the "Edit Options" link at the very bottom of the facebook homepage on the right)
Note: Business pages do not have a newsfeed however page owners should adjust the settings on their personal accounts.

The good news is: now you can now view all of your friends and fans again. The bad news is: YOU ARE STILL INVISIBLE to a large portion of your list. You must get the word out to ALL of your friends and fans by inviting them to this event or creating one of your own so they can read the post and adjust their settings. To invite your friends: Click on "Attending" at the top and then you will see an option to invite your friends under the smiley face. It’s public so everyone who logs onto facebook can view it and even the friends who can’t see your posts WILL see the event invitation. You can also tweet about it, create a blog post or send out an email to your subscribers in hopes of reaching them all. You can Join and Invite Your Friends here to join this Facebook Event to share the message quickly... 
How to Post from Facebook Pages:

How To Social Media on YOUTube 
How To On Twitter