Monday, March 22, 2010

Leadership Excellence

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Robin Sharma calls it "Leadership without Title," others call it Personal Statesmanship... but no matter what Title you give it, it is vital to not only your personal success but the success of others.

We need to look at things from other perspectives even if at first we do not agree with them. When we learn from others perspectives and shed a light on the truth in them... we can ask ourselves:
  • Is there any truth behind the perspective?
  • Have I taken a good hard look at what other people believe and why...

When we not only know what we believe but also know what other people believe and why they believe it, it helps us to truly understand their view point and the situation as a whole. From there, you can believe what you want... our world views are primarily made up of our Culture, our Family and our Friends...

True Leaders understand & are respectful to being open to learning Truth no matter what form it arrives in...l while remembering what they Stand for. Than use these Truths in the others view point and openly understand and learn from the others perspective.

No matter what time, no matter what is happening on the surface, true leaders identify the problems ...look at society as it is and how it should be and then they bridge the gap to facilitate that change. They are solution providers and stand strong in the resolution of change.

What do YOU stand for?

Buddha said, " Your mission in life is to find your mission in life... and then give your whole heart and soul to it."

I ask you to bravely step forward in the absence of knowing... and stand for what YOU believe in once YOU understand where those beliefs came from. Remember to understand your view point, you must go to the source of where it was formed. Open your mind to the things that you have never understood and find the truth in it... releasing your own limiting beliefs is key!

Great Leaders not only invest time and effort into their own learning but they also look around them and inspire others to become leaders as well. Leadership is a sport best played... Together.

Humbly Yours,
President of Stock Harmony

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