Monday, July 19, 2010

Social Capitalism

Social Capitalism is a term that is evolving, building and growing. Dan Robles from the Ingenesist Project speaks of Social Capitalism in a way that inspires confidence and transparency in our global value.

"Social Capitalism is where factors of production in an economy are purely human and technological and less structural:. Specifically, social capital, creative capital, and intellectual capital deployed outside the construct of the prevailing corporations or governments.”

With the introduction of Social Media and Social Networking, our Social Currency is more important than ever before. With the opportunity for everyone to be their own “corporation” (as Dan calls it,) the possibilities are limitless. With this new economic paradigm we are seeing more opportunities to work together in joint ventures, to collaborate ideas and to create synergies whose product generate great outcomes then if tried to be sustained alone.

Dan Robles has graciously agreed to become the Director of Social Capitalism for Stock Harmony! It truly is an honor to be working together with the Ingenesist Project.

Dan Robles is the Director of The Ingenesist Project, a private think tank in Seattle that specifies an economic paradigm built on a platform of social media and characterized by the organization of economies outside the prevailing structure of corporations.

Mr. Robles works with communities to create structure for the storage and exchange of social value and to articulate that value in their business ventures. He is a pioneer in the definition of social currency that is fully convertible, capitalized, and securitized against existing financial currencies.

Dan is a Licensed Engineer and holds an MBA in International Business. He has many years experience in the Aerospace, Creative, and Education industries and has held global account management positions on very high value technology programs and international trade implementation (expanded Bio here).

Dan is a prolific blogger and an engaging speaker to top social media, financial, and academic communities as well as through his own blog and YouTube channel; Ingenesist.

You will understand more about our excitement for the Ingenesist Project by watching this:

Do Stay tuned to find out more about the synergies that are created by working together.
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Do YOU Have Klout?

This is soo interesting! @ingenesist and I were speaking of the need for exactly this this morning ... then I came across the site that has it built already!

Klout Classification

Here is what it says about me:

Compose Tweet
Grid Labels Profile

@Marciajk is a connector

You are a constant source of information to your friends and co-workers. There is a good chance that you probably introduced several of your friends to Twitter. Your taste and opinion is respected and your judgment is trusted.

Influence Matrix
The Klout Classification is a holistic look at your influence and how you use it. There are 16 possible classifications determined by factors such as how often you tweet, who you follow, who follows you, and how your audience interacts with your messages. Your Klout Class is like a personality test for your style of influence.

Your influence network shows who you influence and who influences you. Influence is determined by avariety of factors including retweets, @messages, follows, and lists.

About Sharing
Klout analyzes links to determine some of the most popular content you've shared in the past three months. Clicks are for that specific link. If you created it, it represents the clicks on your shared content. If it was created by someone else it can still be a good indicator of whether or not you're sharing content that's popular.

Klout Score
Thank you for wanting to update your Klout Report. Please note, while you may have a great deal of daily activity (new tweets, retweets, followers, etc.), influence is a more consistent measure that reflects your overall impact over time and, as a result, will change at a slower pace. The Klout Score update is most accurate when we have a large set of data from your online interactions to process. Your Klout Score changes not because of any specific action, but rather the sum of your actions and engagement.

How often can I update my score?
Every six days you can click to refresh your score. Once you click the refresh button, your score will be added to the queue for processing. Klout tracks millions of accounts and uses an in-depth scoring algorithm. Generally this takes less than an hour, but in times of heavy load you should allow up to 36 hours for this process to happen.

Why can't I update my account more often?
The Klout Report is much like a social credit report. Your influence, much like your credit, will not change from day to day or even from week to week. Tracking your Klout Score is much more useful when looked at over a longer timeframe. It's important to note the higher level trends that change your influence, not individual tweets or messages. Learn more about why influence takes time.

Why is it taking so long for my account to process?
We're very serious about processing the millions of accounts we track on Klout. Your influence is not a simple thing to measure but involves checking every individual connection and message. This makes the Klout Report more valuable but also makes it take time. Learn more about the Klout Score. Learn more about why influence takes time.

Also: Klout Developer Network!

Leverage influence in your application. Knowing who's important on any given topic or in a certain situation is a game-changer for many applications.
Our API lets you easily integrate Klout score and influence to take your app to the next level.

What are some of the applications leveraging Klout?
Social Media Management
Sort incoming messages based on Klout score
See how influential fans are
Chart how influential the overall audience is
Examples: Cotweet, Hootsuite, and Tap 11
Social Search
Surface the most relevant people associated to any search term
Sort based on influence
Examples: Live Intent and Tweetup
CRM and Lead generation
Find how influential customers and potential leads are
Find influencers on relevant topics
Examples: Rapportive and Flowtown

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Breaking the Illusion of Limitation

Thanks Lynne for sharing this video with us!

Oil Spill Solutions

SpillFighters—Dedicated to Oil Spill Cleanup through Bioremediation

The greatest environmental disaster that has ever occurred to the U.S. is looming a few miles Offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. If you look at the satellite photos of the Gulf today you’ll see an enormous portion of the Gulf is already covered in oil. Given the amount of oil already spilled and the undetermined amount of oil still flowing up from a mile under the sea, it is impossible for the upper areas of the Gulf of Mexico to survive as we know it. Also, the financial fallout from millions of citizens that depend on the tourism and seafood industries could trigger another round of foreclosures, bankruptcies and even another recession.

BUT, there is one simple and natural solution. “Oil Eating Microbes”.

Microbes occur in nature (in fact humans have over a pound of microbes in their bodies) and each type of microbe is programmed to do certain tasks. Some decompose plant matter, others help break down toxins. In the last 20 years scientists have been able to find and ‘harvest’ these naturally occurring oil-eating microbes from around the world and increase their reproduction cycle so that trillions are now available to help us!

These microbes are commercially available and have been tested successful on large oil spills around the world. These microbes can be supplied immediately in large enough quantities to ‘bioremediate’ the oil that is now washing up on the beaches and in the marshes of the Gulf Coast. The microbes are simply mixed with water and sprayed on the oil as it reaches the calmer waters near shore or on shore itself. Once applied to the oil, the microbes eat it—leaving a natural waste product that is harmless to marine life. Their waste is non-toxic and can actually be beneficial to the plants and sea creatures that feed on it.

The process to completely clean an area of oil is dependent on a few things—but it can usually be accomplished in just a few weeks—not years. If we can adopt this solution immediately, we have a chance to save the Gulf—if we wait, we’ll just be cleaning up corpses of our precious wildlife and bailing out millions of individuals and businesses again.

If you are a local, state or federal government official, press or media representative or an oil company executive, please contact us and we’ll provide any information you need to make an informed decision about how to implement this process.

21699 Hwy 40
Golden, CO 80401

Monday, July 5, 2010

HST… Please Leave Here …

Today I had the privilege of paying my property taxes. (I call it a privilege because, I have a house to live in, roads to drive on and first class snow removal services… if I did not have property taxes to pay, it would mean that I lived in a Van down by the river.. so for that reason I am glad to pay them.) While I was at the town office waiting for my debit card to be rung through, I glanced over at a stack of papers that were sitting on the counter.

Written on the top in pen and then highlighted in pink, read the words, “HST, please leave here.” As I was looking for the place to write my signature, I laughed when I finally clued in! The clerk saw me looking at the papers and said that it was a print out of all of the regulations regarding the new Harmonized Sales Tax (HST.) Apparently, many people have been looking at the paperwork and asking if they could take a copy home to read up on it. {It was not a petition like I had thought.} He said that was the ‘office’ copy and that it needed to be left there for others to read. I pointed out the humor in the hand written wording; he chuckled because it had previously gone unnoticed. “HST, please leave here.”

Apparently 700,000 others feel the same way as the subliminal message on the town offices regulation sheet… there was recently a petition sent to Ottawa to try and get the HST overturned. Even though another member of my house looks at the tax as a simplified paper trail, I see it as a great way to give away even more interest to the federal government and also create a plethora of jobs on the other side of the country. I don’t like being pessimistic but, will this be as pricey in the long run as the ever so unpopular ‘gun registry?’ [See for more on that... ]

Alberta has it right when they say.. “Less Ottawa more Alberta!” Doesn’t BC mean Bring Cash… not Give it away? Just saying, perhaps we need to start standing up for the people that live here, by creating abundance rather than giving people another reason to leave. Let’s stop getting in our own way, instead of making decisions that will benefit others at the expense of the people who live here.

***Just a thought, what if we simplified PST… by making it a smaller flat tax, no exemptions… that way it could be like 1 or 2% … small, simple and when you do that math, the numbers will blow your mind and balk up the coffers…. Provincially. More bang for OUR buck and WE don’t need a MBA .. or MAcc – [Master of Accountancy] to figure things out.

How do YOU feel about HST? (Thought I would ask since the government never… )


P.S. One more side note: I would like to apologize if I come across a little harsh, I AM just severely allergic to (unnecessary) taxes & stupid spending practices. 

P.P.S. When I 'Googled' HST... for a picture.. it brought up a bunch of 'Black Holes' ... could that be a sign that WE should be listening to? ( HST on Google = Hubble Space Telescope )