Monday, July 19, 2010

Social Capitalism

Social Capitalism is a term that is evolving, building and growing. Dan Robles from the Ingenesist Project speaks of Social Capitalism in a way that inspires confidence and transparency in our global value.

"Social Capitalism is where factors of production in an economy are purely human and technological and less structural:. Specifically, social capital, creative capital, and intellectual capital deployed outside the construct of the prevailing corporations or governments.”

With the introduction of Social Media and Social Networking, our Social Currency is more important than ever before. With the opportunity for everyone to be their own “corporation” (as Dan calls it,) the possibilities are limitless. With this new economic paradigm we are seeing more opportunities to work together in joint ventures, to collaborate ideas and to create synergies whose product generate great outcomes then if tried to be sustained alone.

Dan Robles has graciously agreed to become the Director of Social Capitalism for Stock Harmony! It truly is an honor to be working together with the Ingenesist Project.

Dan Robles is the Director of The Ingenesist Project, a private think tank in Seattle that specifies an economic paradigm built on a platform of social media and characterized by the organization of economies outside the prevailing structure of corporations.

Mr. Robles works with communities to create structure for the storage and exchange of social value and to articulate that value in their business ventures. He is a pioneer in the definition of social currency that is fully convertible, capitalized, and securitized against existing financial currencies.

Dan is a Licensed Engineer and holds an MBA in International Business. He has many years experience in the Aerospace, Creative, and Education industries and has held global account management positions on very high value technology programs and international trade implementation (expanded Bio here).

Dan is a prolific blogger and an engaging speaker to top social media, financial, and academic communities as well as through his own blog and YouTube channel; Ingenesist.

You will understand more about our excitement for the Ingenesist Project by watching this:

Do Stay tuned to find out more about the synergies that are created by working together.
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