Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Facebook ...Simplified

In case you did not know, the way that facebook works is when you are a member of a group / page the program automatically feeds posts back to your news feed wall.... so any information that people post will show up on your wall, unless you UN-Join the group / page it will keep doing it. If you are not happy receiving group messages, the way to stop receiving them is to un-join the group. Not that I want you to leave any of our groups... but I do want to be helpful!

The same thing happens with Friend Requests ...the moment that you send a request, if the persons Privacy settings are not on LockDown, You will start to see their posts appearing on your wall. (It is built into the program, it is not because people are sending you everything that they do is a program feed that pulls the most popular things (based on people clicking like) as well as the most recent posts.

When I spoke with an old friend of mine that I had not spoken to in awhile, he called me a spammer.... it was simply because he did not know how Facebook's auto feed program worked, once I explained it, he apologized and understood. I was not me, it was the if you have friends who share lots, it is likely that Your Facebook is covered with posts by them... if you share lots, keep in mind that you are probably covering your fiends news feeds.

(Lack of knowledge and a persons Perspective can create misunderstandings do take some time to learn the program before RE-Acting ... when you are educated you can come from a place of understanding.)

Think about your Facebook Goals... when you are there to uplift and motivate others, it can make a real difference to your own experiences. Instead of meeting people by making them go directly to your website...focus on them... otherwise it is like trying to sleep with someone on a first date ...or french kissing a stranger before you even know their name. Be the same genuine person that you are offline , online... you will go much further and be of real Value to your online world!
I hope that this information is helpful.
Wishing YOU the very best.
Humbly Yours,

P.S. I started a Facebook page that you may find helpful.. It is called How to: Your Guide to Social Networking & Social Media. Feel free to share any great information that may help others online experience.