Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Social Networking Fun


The following Videos are prep for the talk that I am giving at this event.. What are your thoughts about what else I should add? (If you are reading this on Facebook, double click on the link and you will be brought back to my blog so that YOU can watch them as well..)

If YOU are in Washington.. why not attend?

This conference is all about helping people use social media intentionally to organize positive social change. Social media is an incredible tool to help us mobilize, gather information, communicate and bridge the gap among many different segments of our population. This is a way to bring people together quickly and to bubble up ideas, innovations and solutions to the challenges we face in our marketplace today.

This event is very 'human' and heartwarming, because the people are all initiators of change! It will be entertaining, educational, international...and features 14 different enterprising and diverse speakers who are business leaders, teachers AND your neighbors!

The conference is being held at Whatcom Community College in the David Syre Auditorium this Saturday, Oct. 23 from 9 to 5 PM. For More information go to: to check it out. And be sure to register right then and there online! If you register by the 20th, the price includes a free lunch!


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