Friday, December 18, 2009

Inspire YOUr Business

I love sharing great business ideas that help elevate everyone in leadership. I just listened to a great webinar that was included in the free bundle form 180 Coaches, there were some simple easy to apply ideas that will help build your business simply...with a little bit of effort.

One of the great things that you will learn about is Joint Ventures (JV’s). I know firsthand how extremely successful this business strategy can be. In my Husband and my Electrical company, we have used the joint venture idea since the onset of our business. Some of the ways that it has worked for us is … we have bid for a job that was almost double our employee’s capacity…because we borrow employees from other like companies. This was so very successful because it allowed us to stretch our company without having more paperwork… the other employees remain employed by the other company, so they remained on the other companies benefits and payroll…we just wrote the company a check at the end of the job with a little commission to the second company. It was win/win for both companies because we were able to do the job and the second company was able to maintain good employees without having to lay anyone off. We have also had many other JV approach’s that I will share with you on another blog.

To hear about the other suggestions and to be INSPIRED into Action…. It is as simple as signing up with 180 for free… in return they will send you lots of amazing information and outstanding tools for the social development of your business. The will also send you a link to a free webinar that will show you three ways you can at least double your client database. These ideas are not rocket science, you just need to take action and implement them :)

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