Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Travesty at the Airports !

As someone who fly’s more than average, I was very disappointed to learn about the latest airline idiot who has created even more Fear and panic than there ever needed to be when it comes to flying. It is not that I am anti safety measures, nor am I someone who lives in a bubble, it is just that I feel that we the majority (people who fly should have human rights, respect and humility) when we walk through the rouse of “sovereign” nation of the international airport.

What is it going to take before people say…enough is enough! Stop wasting money on treating the symptom and let’s start considering curing the causes. These band-aid solutions are not going to keep working for too much longer before people get wise to the “swindle” taking place right before our eyes. What if instead of spending more money to hire people to scavenger through the underwear in my carry on …we start looking outside the airport to once and for all correct the problems. Outside, like the other 750 redundant levels of government bureaucracy that was set up to police the suspected terrorists in the first place. “I am sure that these systems of government run almost as effectively as every other level of government” I say extremely sarcastically ..(with the exception of the tax department blood hounds.) That is why it gets a lot more press announcing changes at the airport rather than the pulling up the governments’ socks and communication skills between departments.

It was all a magic trick pulled on not only the nation but also the world by broadcasting no more liquids over 100ml. Magicians use diversionary tactics in order to successfully pull off a trick. This diversion involved participation by every single audience member…we the flyer's, all of the sudden the government is doing something! Outstanding…but wait, hold on a second, what has this accomplished? Countless hours of lost time, billions of government (our $) debt spending, and loads of money spent on site at the airport by bilking customers that now have to get their liquid fix behind the gates.

So before everyone is subject to pre-flight enemas, can we have some changes in the places that really could make a difference? In the agencies that were set up to combat it all from happening. Why didn’t anyone listen (this time) when President Obama hit the nail on the head by publicly announcing that the “SYSTEM failed! “ He said the system failed… that mean’s the PEOPLE, the conversation and the practices failed! So, instead of firing the cafeteria lunch lady because the cow never produced milk…. (I know it doesn’t make any sense.) What if we were to address the real problem, fix it and carry on…instead of continuing to live in the anti-democracy that we have now, where the few dictate to the many?

Think about this for a second, “Your chances of being involved in an aircraft accident are about 1 in 11 million. On the other hand, your chances of being killed in an automobile accident are 1 in 5000.”

Let’s address the ridiculous overlap of government fractions and start streamlining, simplify and fix what is not working. Focus on conversation, communication and restoring the dignity of the frequent flyer. Think about how much safer it would be if the right hand knew what the left hand was doing… but that would mean intelligence sharing and to do that, it would take some intelligence to start with. Let’s get it together!

I am on my way to the airport on Saturday, the nice thing is that it is a smaller airport so the lines etc, will not be a problem. Paying for luggage… I can handle, no carryon… is not great but let’s do something before the smaller airports have to do naked pat downs because they can’t justify the multi-million dollar expense for the transparent body scan machine. PLEASE!

Humbly Yours,

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