Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Living YOUR Vision

Discover how to tap into the power of an ancient ritual called visioning. Make 2010 your best year ever despite the economy! Keynote speaker, and best-selling author Joyce Schwarz, ("The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life," #1 mystical top-seller on will show you how to share the power of Vision Statements and Vision Board creation for wealth and abundance. . She will even reveal how she used a vision board to help get a $100K deal from her publisher Harper Collins for The Vision Board book.

Peek at her work and see a free chapter of her book at She will also share how you can develop $20-$30,000 in additional income for your bottom line in 2010 by adding Vision Board Counselor to your credentials. Find out how vision boards are being used for future studies, scenario planning and economic development by such major organizations as the UN, the World Bank and Fortune 1000 firms around the globe. See why Oprah, Larry King & ELLEN shows have all done segments on vision board creation.

Joyce Schwarz has conducted Visioning and Vision Board training workshops and keynote speaking sessions around the globe for such major corporations as Boeing, AT&T and France Telecom. Joyce lives and works in Marina Del Rey, California and runs a career strategy business called Center for Successful Recareering and also founded The Vision Board Institute. . Schwarz has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and Money Magazine, and she has been on NBC National News, NPR and most recently E Entertainment TV’s morning show. She is probably best known for launching the famous MISSING KIDS ON THE MILK CARTON campaign for Ralph’s Grocery chain. You can ask her questions in advance by emailing her at: and tweet with her at Join Facebook’s Official Vision Board group at Ask her to link with you at Linked In too!

Listen Here:

The show today was fantastic! Joyce shared some outstanding advice about creating a vision for YOUR Life & Business and how it is so important to be able to step into that vision by taking action, being ready to receive and have a clear plan for your future. In the interview YOU will hear how using this ancient technique of visioning will allow you to open up new possibilities and opportunities for your success... no matter what your current circumstances are... no matter what the economy looks like... People though out history have used vision board creation to live a the life of their dreams.

Thanks once again Joyce for sharing with the Stock Talk Radio Listeners these action steps to investing... and living!

Humbly Yours,
President of Stock Harmony

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