Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Marketing Legend Tom Feltenstein

Today on Stock Talk Radio…. Thee LEGEND in marketing Tom Feltenstein. Tom is the CEO and founder of Power Marketing Academy, a leading consulting firm that consults and educates businesses in the industries of retail, hospitality, and service. Power Marketing Academy conducts clinics, seminars, strategy sessions, and trainings. It also offers a wealth for marketing resource materials, including books, DVDs, CDs, and White Papers..

Tom has appeared on Larry King on CNN for his Uncommon Marketing Wisdom, traded barbs with David Letterman on CBS, and argued on Fox News’ Pre-Game Show that it’s a waste to run ads during the Super Bowl. He has shared his insight in interviews with Lou Dobbs, Voice of America, Bloomberg TV & Radio, US News & World Report, CNN – Tips from the Top, The Food Network, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine and many other media outlets.

Tom is a renowned keynote speaker, motivator, trainer, and strategist. A widely praised author, he has written 13 books, including Change is Good…You Go First, Uncommon Wisdom, NS The Ten Minute Marketer’s Secret Formula (the definitive textbook on Neighborhood Marketing). Tom’s latest book — 501 Killer Promotional Tactics to Increase Sales, Maximize Profits and Stomp Your Competition is coming out in the Summer of 2010.

Tom began his career with McDonald’s Corporation, rising up to become a senior-level marketing executive under Ray Kroc’s tutelage. He later served as senior vice-president for Bozell, an international multi-billion dollar advertising agency. He advocates taking care of you internal customers – your employees – so they become your marketing ambassadors.

Tom is a people-person who preaches the path to success is the one that affords you the most influence, costs you the least, and offers the biggest payoff: a joyful life of uncommon success.

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