Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Have YOU Heard of

This is an interesting find... have YOU heard about ? It is a Great way to with merchants, customer service reps or friends to let them know about your word-of-mouth power. This website lets you share gripes & cheers...and allows companies and others to respond.... helping to INSPIRE improvement and helps to Celebrate people and companies who are doing Great!

The Process ...
  • Sign In via Twitter and Facebook
  • Then Answer ..what happened
  • Who you spoke to.
  • and best of all you get to add a SOLUTION on how it can be resolved...

Use word-of-mouth power to
share public complaints or
cheers that get heard!

Let's Connect on

Gripe lets you share public praise or complaints that get to the business for response, while being spread by your friends, followers and beyond!

Free! No registration required!

Find a place to gripe or cheer about.... is currently available for Iphone & Android ... now it is time to add Blackberry!!!

Wishing YOU an Amazing Day!
Marcia Johnson
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P.S. What is really cool is that after reading my blog the CEO, Farhad Mohit , agreed to join me on my radio show so that I can share more about what is up to... click here to find out more:
It will be an honor to have you join us!