Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why Twitter???

I Love Twitter and Love it even more now that I have a Great Phone to Tweet From!

Since I needed a little break from running on my treadmill, I thought that I would share with YOU some interesting little tidbits about My Twitter Experience.
Firstly... My very favorite tool when it comes to Twitter is Hootsuite! I Love it because it allows me the flexibility to decide which of my twitter Accounts that I want to Tweet from... as well as gives me the option to also Tweet into my Facebook profile and Pages that I have created... as well as the ability to Tweet into other social networks that I am a member of!

Twitter .... Where it all Began !!!

Here is an interesting little article that I found that explains a little more..
The History of Twitter .

If you still are not sure how to use Twitter and why it is sooo popular here is a little video to help you out!

Wishing YOU a Fantastic Day!

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P.S. Here is a Little Twitter song Just for YOU!!! Tweet Tweet